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Coffee Lovers Radio - Make and Drink Better Coffee

Oct 28, 2016

Join me on this tale of horror, of loss, and of delight and discover... just what happens when coffee consumes your very soul . . . . Some audio clips by: Mike Koenig - Alexander -

Oct 21, 2016

A very special coffee event is coming to Seattle in January - listen to the show first if you don't want the details spoiled below. . . . . . . Coffee Con will be in Seattle, January 27th and 28th at Seattle Center - visit for more information, and sign up to the newsletter for...

Oct 14, 2016

In this show, Jesse and I tackle the question 'is a single origin coffee better than a blend?' With the surge in 'single origin' popularity, there's this impression with many that blends are inferior. We want to help you understand that there's a place in your mug for both, and both can bring fantastic experiences....

Oct 8, 2016

Following our show from last week - Fixing Bad Coffee - came the simple often met question "what coffee should I buy?" It's a question everyone face as they start exploring new coffees. We take a look at our point of view on this question, and what you might do when you find yourself wondering what step to take next....