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Coffee Lovers Radio - Make and Drink Better Coffee

Jul 26, 2019

Join us in our farewell show to Intrigue Chocolate's Ganache Truffles - one of our most favorite delights we've shared with y'all in the past.

Check out Intrigue Chocolate - they still have some truffles left, but once they are gone, they're gone.


Joseph Robertson - Extracted...

Jul 12, 2019

Happy Summer! On this episode we go a little bit back in time as Joseph shares some of his favorite coffee stories from Thailand. Be sure to check out our extended show notes for pictures from the trip On the show we mention opening the opportunity for one of you to upgrade our audio processing equipment (now that we...

Jul 4, 2019

With recent events shaking up parts of the specialty coffee world, we take a dive into the part of that world which everyday coffee customers never really see. A Barista may just appear to be someone who makes your coffee, but there are years of training - skills in not just making coffee but social understanding...