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Coffee Lovers Radio - Make and Drink Better Coffee

Sep 29, 2015

Today we are joined by Neil Oney, Director of Coffee for Cloud City Coffee and El Diablo in Seattle - he is a wonderful person, and very knowledgable and skilled in the tasting of coffee. Cupping is a topic we have touched on a number of times - it is a tool we use frequently for discovery in coffee. We felt it important to dig in and talk about this process specifically. This show we perhaps travel a bit down some tangents, and maybe get a little into the weeds - I encourage you, if you have any interest in tasting coffee, to listen through to the end. There are some real gems here. As always the show is supported by Coffee Lovers Magazine and Conduit Coffee. Check out the magazine at, and grab some wonderful coffee at - Jesse has his new honey processed Costa Rica that is a real treat (we talk about it briefly on the show). Our co-sponsor is The Craft Coffee Institute - after listening to the show today if you have further interest in cupping, The Craft Coffee Institute is a fantastic resource. Check out their introduction to cupping class and learn online live with their expert trainers. Visit