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Coffee Lovers Radio - Make and Drink Better Coffee

Feb 8, 2015

This week we sat down with Val and Matt Quest, of Quest Coffee. This couple is on a mission to help the underrepresented small coffee farmers around the world. They start with one farmer, on one farm in Brazil - import the coffee themselves, sort it by their own hands, roast it through Conduit Coffee, and then sell it themselves. This is probably the purest form of direct trade you can find, and demonstrates the rapidly evolving coffee industry where anyone can step up and play a major role in the entire chain. On the day of the show, we cupped three roast versions of the single origin Mundanova that Quest Coffee is importing from this farm - we hear about their story, the story of the farmer, and talk a bit about the coffee itself. See Quest Coffee online - If you are interested in working with them - Hosts: Joseph Robertson - Coffee Lovers Magazine - Jesse Nelson - Conduit Coffee - John Liberty - Conduit Coffee Guests: Val and Matt Quest - Quest Coffee Company - Also - get a 15% discount on A Film About Coffee - simply visit and use the coupon code COFFEELOVERS during checkout for 15% off.